Tips & Tricks for Hanging Out

drawing of clothesline

Find an outdoor dryer and hanging style that suits you. It is a matter of taste in any case.

Turn most clothing inside out to prevent fading and faster drying of pockets and seams.

Hang T-shirts upside-down.

Use hangers for button shirts, or hang from collar points.

Shade dry Silk, and fine fabrics. Linen in hot sun = less wrinkles.

Give all items a good snap when hanging up, which will help prevent stiffness, especially on towels, and again when removing, this softens fabric and removes any creatures or tree bits, also cuts down on wrinkles.

If clothes or towels are still too stiff or slightly damp, throw ‘em in the dryer for a few minutes. It will still save you lots on your energy usage.

When hanging fitted sheets, fold elastic in around edges and hang over line with pins at folded edges.

If using plastic pins, do not leave on the line permanently, and use caution, as some varieties have been known to weaken with age and sun, and can break under spring tension causing sharp fragments to go into the eye, when using! Wood lasts a long time if taken off line.

Have a bag that slides along on the line, or pocket apron to keep pins handy.

It is air and wind as much as sun that dries clothes. Shade dry for best results on man-made fabrics.

Plant wonderful smells near your lines, lavender and lemon verbena and thyme